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Chlorosulphonic Acid

Chlorosulphonic Acid
CHEMICAL NAME : Monochlorosulfuric Acid, CSA, Sulfuric Chlorohydrin
PRODUCT GROUP : Sulphur Derivatives
HSN CODE : 28062000

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Chlorosulphonic acid is a corrosive and clear liquid with molecular formula CISO2OH. It is a derivative compound of sulfuric acid (HOSO2OH) and highly soluble in chlorinated solvents.
Chlorosulphonic Acid is used to produce organic sulphonic acids that are employed in detergents, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and dye industries. The other applications of chlorosulphonic acid are listed below :
As sulphating agent
As sulfonating agent
As chlorosulphonating agent
In synthetic detergent
In the preparation of drugs, pharmaceuticals
As a smoke forming agent in warfares
In the manufacture of plasticizers
In the manufacture of resins
No Characteristic Specifications
1 Description Clear to Light yellow liquid
2 Purity as CISO2OH, percent by mass, Minimum & Maximum limits of impurities 98.0(min)
3 Sulphuric acid (as H2SO4) and free SO3, if any (as SO3) 2.0(max)
4 Free hydrochloric acid as HCI  0.5
5 Iron as Fe. 0.01(max)
Note : The requirements mentioned above are the same as those of I.S. 7130 : 1994. (Technical), reaffirmed in 1999.