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Phosphoric Acid (Technical & Food Grade)

Phosphoric Acid
CHEMICAL NAME : Phosphoric Acid or Orthophosphoric Acid
PRODUCT GROUP : Phosphoric Acid
HSN CODE : 28092010

At Ideal Chemicals we market the premium quality product - Phosphoric acid (PHA), which is manufactured by our principal using the technology of IMI, Israel and Niro Kestner, France.

Pure Phosphoric acid, an important oxygen acid of phosphorous, is a white solid substance that melts at 42.350C to form a colourless and viscous liquid. It is also called as Ortho-phosphoric acid or Phosphoric (V) acid. The crude acid is prepared from phosphate rocks while highly pure phosphoric acid is synthesized from white phosphorus.
Phosphate salts are widely used in control of hydrogen ion concentration, in water treatment as precipitants, as a major fertilizer ingredient and as a conditioning agent for salt and sugars.
The other application areas are :
Pre-Metal Treatment Chemicals
Sugar Refining
Stabilising Agent(Hydrogen Peroxide)
Waste Water Treatment Chemicals
Activated Carbon
Soaps and Detergents
Tea-leaf Processing

Colourless and odourless liquid
Soluble in water and alcohol
Toxic by ingestion and inhalation
Very low arsenic content
Our Principal manufacturer guarantees minimum purity of 86% and chemically stable white Phosphoric Acid of international quality.
Mercury free.
Our Principal manufacturer is equipped with QC department that has latest instruments to conduct and analyze special quality checks upon request.
Our Principal generally provides COA (Certificate of Analysis) at the time of dispatch from their respective locations.
No Characteristic Specifications
1 H3P04 Concentration % 86.00 min.
2 P205 % 62.30 min.
3 Iron as Fe ppm 10.00 max.
4 Sulphate as SO4 ppm 250.00 max.
5 Chloride as Cl ppm 10.00 max.
6 Flouride as F ppm 60.00 max.
7 Ca as Mg ppm 10.00 max.
8 Heavy Metals as Pb(Lead) ppm 10.00 max.
9 Arsenic as As ppm 1.00 max.
10 Colour Water white
Phosphoric acid should be stored in tightly closed container at a cool, dry and ventilated area. The containers should be protected from direct sunlight and physical damage.
30 Kg / 50 Kg HM-HDPE Carboys
300 Kg HM-HDPE Barrels
CS Rubber lined road tankers.
Toxic by ingestation and inhalation.