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Sulphuric Acid - Battery Grade

Sulphuric Acid - Battery Grade
CHEMICAL NAME : Sulphuric Acid or Oil of vitriol
PRODUCT GROUP : Sulphur Derivatives
HSN CODE : 28070010

At Ideal Chemicals, we market premium quality product Sulphuric Acid of high purity (Battery Grade) manufactured by our principal.

Sulphuric acid is a colourless, viscous and corrosive liquid. The melting point of sulphuric acid is 10.3o C and boiling point is 338oC. It is a strong acid produced by dissolving sulphur trioxide in water.
Sulphuric acid has numerous industrial uses that include manufacturing of fertilisers, rubber, other acids, detergents, dyes, medicines and in oil refining. Other uses include the manufacture of plasticizers, dyestuffs, explosives, silicate for toothpaste, adhesives, rubbers, edible oils, lubricants, the production of food acids such as citric or lactic acid and to directly control pH during the processing of some foods and beverages. It is also used in harvesting of potatoes.

Our Principal manufacturer is equipped with QC department that has latest instruments to conduct and analyze special quality checks upon request.
Our Principal generally provides COA (Certificate of Analysis) at the time of dispatch from their respective locations.
No. Characteristics Battery grade (concentrated)
1 Description Colourless liquid. The acid on dilution with equal volume of distilled water is free from suspended matter and other visible impurities.
2 Total acidity (as H2SO4) percent by mass, Min. 98.0
3 Residue on ignition 0.06
4 Iron as Fe 0.002
5 Chloride as CI 0.001
6 Lead as Pb -
7 Arsenic as As 0.00012
8 Oxidizable impurities as SO2 0.02
9 Organic matter To pass test
10 Selenium as Se 0.002
11 Manganese as Mn 0.0001
12 Copper as Cu 0.003
13 Zinc as Zn 0.003
14 Nitrates, nitrites & ammonia as N 0.003
Note : The requirement mentioned above are the same as those of IS 266 : 1993 (Technical Grade) except iron and total acidity as Sulphuric acid for battery grade acid. As per IS specification for battery grade acid (concentrated), total acidity is 95.0% Min. & Iron is 0.003% Max.
Containers and tanks of Sulphuric acid should be stored in separate, well-ventilated, cool and dry premises. The tanks should possess overflow pipes with adjoining containers.