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CHEMICAL NAME : Fuming Sulphuric Acid
PRODUCT GROUP : Sulphur Derivatives

At Ideal Chemicals, we market premium quality product - Oleum 23% / 65% of highest purity manufactured by our principal. Oleum, or fuming sulphuric acid, is a solution of various compositions of sulphur trioxide (SO3) in sulphuric acid.

The molecular formula of oleum cab ne described as ySO3H2O where the value of y refers to the total molar sulfur trioxide content. Oleum is produced in the contact process where sulphur is oxidized to sulphur trioxide, which is later dissolved in conc. H2SO4
The application areas of Oleum 23.25% include :
Industrial Detergents
Dye intermediates
The application areas of Oleum 65% include :
Dyes & Intermediates
Metanilic acid
Resist Salt, etc.
Hydrosulphur of soda
Our Principal manufacturer is equipped with QC department that has latest instruments to conduct and analyze special quality checks upon request.
Our Principal generally provides COA (Certificate of Analysis) at the time of dispatch from their respective locations.
No Characteristic Specifications
Grade 1: 23% Grade 2: 65%
1 Description May be off White to brown May be off White to brown
2 Free SO3, percent by mass, Min. Maximum limits of Impurities, percent by Mass. 23 65
3 Residue on Ignition 0.2 0.2
4 Iron as Fe 0.05 0.05
5 Chloride as CI 0.002 0.002
6 Sulphur dioxide, SO2 0.2 0.2
7 Total Nitrogen as HNO3 0.005 0.005
8 Arsenic as As 0.0005 0.0005
Note : The requirements mentioned above are the same as those of IS 1089 : 1986 (Reaffirmed 1996 Technical Grade) except free SO3, for oleum grade 1. As per the above specifications, free SO3 is 20% for oleum Grade 1.